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Update – 28.09.20

To confirm and clarify … all walks have been postponed until further notice and conditions are entirely safe to do so.

In the meantime, take care and let’s hope we will be together soon.



Anchor Ramblers – Leigh

A future for our walking whilst Corona Virus is still with us

The future is very uncertain for many rambling clubs due to Covid 19 virus which has caused massive loss of life and whilst receding is still around with always a chance of returning.
With this situation has come a complete change in life with social distancing and the wearing of facemasks in shops and on public transport etc. For ramblers, the lockdown plus the measures currently in place have diminished the chance to travel and to walk but I am sure most of us have managed some walking.
Turning to the future of Anchor Ramblers we have been thinking of the major issues which the current situation effects: –
  • Social distancing on coaches together with sanitising creates issues.
  • This would mean about 25 to 30 passengers only.
  • The cost per passenger would greatly increase.
  • Many club members especially those shielding or in poor health would not feel safe.
To overcome this for the rest of this year your committee are proposing the following way forward.
  • We restart our 4-weekly programme on August 23rd with the original dates pertaining thereafter.
  • Travel to the walks will be by personal car transport observing fully the social distancing rules which will be normally two people in the car unless other passengers are part of a family “bubble”.
  • The walks will be within a 40 miles radius of Leigh.
  • This distance will have the effect of producing a variety of venues with circa 1 hour travelling time each way. Thus, the petrol cost etc per couple will be much lower than equivalent coach fare.
  • To simplify the walking options and given many of us have not walked seriously during lockdown we would run only two walks.
    • The C and D walks would be combined with suggested maximum distance of 8 miles with possible turn off for the “D” walkers to shorten the walk if necessary.
    • The A and B walks would be combined with suggested maximum distance of 10/12 miles.
    • Walks would start at circa 10.00 p.m.
    • To make sure no one is forgotten and for leaders to know who is in their party members would have to book on with the booking secretary Joan Heaton as stating which walk, they would want to walk on.
    • As to after walk relaxation we will try to finish at or close a suitable hostelry so people can have a drink etc. However, drivers should refrain from alcohol.
  • NOTE It is always the responsibility of each individual to observe social distancing. Note facemasks are not need while social distancing outdoors. Those who want to wear masks can do so.
  • This walk proposal will be subject to change due to any government or local controls to curb further virus outbreaks.
Ernie Rothwell – Chairman
On behalf of the Committee of Anchor Ramblers – Leigh



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