Navigation and Leadership Course

Do you fancy leading a walk, but have never had the confidence? … well, this might be for you(?) … 

Nave - HomerAlthough the ability to read a map is THE essential ingredient in group leadership, other factors embody this most rewarding of skills.

By producing this short and informal course, I want to allow everyone the opportunity to lead and for it to be ultimately beneficial to our club.

So as well as the navigation side, I have also incorporated an emphasis on leadership … group management and awareness, what to look for when planning a route, how to expect the unexpected! … the ability to build in ‘escape routes’ and contingency plans should time or circumstances become unfavourable. 

I propose to spend an informal morning/afternoon, at a location of mutual convenience, of teaching. This will be ENTIRELY bespoke to the individual’s needs … I wouldn’t dwell on say contours or mountain safety if all a person wants to do is lead ‘D’ walks!NAV - Compass 

As a follow-up, I would be more than happy to help in planning a group walk and even join in on any forthcoming required ‘reccee’.  

NAV COURSE - MAP2The key to good navigation is PRACTICE, PRACTICE AND MORE PRACTICE! I have up to date digital mapping, in varying scales as the route dictates, that would be easy enough for me to print off and forward. Although I would encourage the purchase of  own maps to build a varied personal library.

For details … contact Vinnie on 0797 904 2058

If you prefer, speak to your walk leader … who will be able to offer you some navigational advice and guidance on getting started as a leader yourself(?).